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Red Sox Roll the Yankees in Game 3, Now One Win Away from the ALCS

I was a little torn on the decision to start Nathan Eovaldi in Game 3 last night. The guy throws absolute gas (Avg fastball velocity was 3rd in MLB) and has been very good against the Yankees the last two months of the season (1 ER in 16 IP), but he’s also a trade deadline pickup starting over your former Cy Young winner. Well Eovaldi put all that anxiety to bed real quick.

Nathan Eovaldi gave the Boston Red Sox their best postseason start since Jon Lester in Game 5 of the 2013 World Series, allowing just one run in seven innings Monday with an efficient 97 pitches.”

Bravo, Alex Cora. Bravo.

So while Eovaldi was mowing down the Yankees’ uber powerful lineup, the Sox offense was abusing Luis Severino and finished the night with a 16-1 victory. I’m currently in New York so I’m watching all the NY morning sports shows and Aaron Boone is already getting ripped for his managerial decisions in Game 3.

Leaving Luis Severino in to start the 4th inning after he clearly didn’t have it and couldn’t locate his fastball all night. Boone let him start the 4th and he promptly loaded the bases without recording an out. Boone then brought in Lance Lynn who put on a clinic of how not to pitch after figuratively and literally falling down on the mound. Lynn cleared the bases and left the game with a fresh set of guys on 1st and 3rd after only getting 1 out. The Sox were up 7-0 at that point and as they say, that was that.

When asked why he didn’t go to any of his go to guys in the 4th inning, Boone gave an absolutely moronic response:

“Knowing we’re going to want them all potentially up to a couple of innings tomorrow.”

He didn’t use his key bullpen guys because he wanted to save them for the next game, rather than worrying about a game they were only down 3-0 at the time?

It was completely idiotic from Aaron Boone,” as one talking head put it on SNY this morning.

Meanwhile, Alex Cora is going to his Game 3 STARTER in relief in Game 1.

How do you think David Price felt watching Eovaldi absolutely dominate the same Yankees lineup he couldn’t get out of the 2nd inning against? I mean its not like he makes FIFTEEN times (15x) what Eovaldi makes…

How about the Brock Star, Brock Holt, hitting the first cycle in MLB postseason history? Not to mention the absolute web gem he had at second base?

Have a day kid.

It was also the Yankees’ worst loss in postseason history, which is a great way to pay them back for that embarrassing 19-8 beatdown back in 2004 at Fenway. We all know how that series ended though so lets not take our foot off the gas pedal.

Angel Hernandez continues to do Angel Hernandez things as THREE of his calls were overturned by replay. Get this guy off the field before he actually blows a game for a team.

Tonight the Red Sox have the previously mentioned Rick Porcello who, despite his up and down season, has a 2.31 ERA against the Yankees this year. The Yanks will counter with CC Sabathia who has an ERA of over 4 against the Sox this season. Thanks to Eovaldi’s 7 IP last night the Red Sox disaster of a bullpen is well rested at least so it should be all hands on deck because I do not want to play a Game 5 against this team.

Get it done boys.

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