It Appears It is Pats vs. Eagles For Patrick Peterson, and I’m About To Break Everyone’s Heart

ESPN The New York Giants are trading cornerback Eli Apple, a former first-round draft pick, to the New Orleans Saints, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday.

Allow me to iterate on what the hell I am talking about.

Patrick Peterson, the ridiculously talented but oft-injured CB for the Arizona Cardinals, wants to be traded. The Cards suck and are a mess and Peterson wants to win and not be part of a mess. Makes sense. He has always given 100% and isn’t a huge issue in the locker room, from what little I know of a team that plays in the middle of the fucking desert.

Peterson stated, through his cousin Bryant McFadden, now an analyst, that he wanted to play for the Eagles, Pats, or Saints, who play in the same state as his beloved alma mater LSU. Well, as you can see from the above, you can probably cross the Saints off that list/ This leaves the opponents from last years Super Bowl on the table. Not a bad situation to be in for PP if 1.) you assume both teams are interested in your services and 2.) either/or can make a good enough pitch to the Cardinals to acquire you. And that’s where this sucks.

I cannot talk myself out of the fact that if it comes down to Rob Gronkowski for Patrick Peterson straight up (or possibly with an array of superfluous picks and/or cash to make it work/digestable for one side or the other), who says no? The Pats would get rid of a depreciating asset, which they LOVE TO DO. Just ask Seymour, or Mankins, or Vinateri, or Moss. They would do this for a physically talented corner, which they need, in his prime. Sure Peterson has been hurt too, but Gronk’s body has been destroyed. I’m sure Belichick also wouldn’t mind getting rid of Gronk’s antics, as harmless as they are, and it doesn’t help that we just beat a top tier D without him. The Cards get a security blanket and the best tight end ever for their young franchise QB. An ancillary benefit is that they would be bringing Gronk back to Arizona, where he played his college ball and would surely love the pool-side atmosphere. He’d fit in great.

It all just makes too much sense, and that makes me so sad. Gronk has been the Patriot of our generation aside from Brady. A truly transcendent and complete talent at his position. I guess if Brady is like David Ortiz, Gronk, if he leaves, would be a bit like Nomar, although we’d be switching up timelines; he means everything to our franchise but in the end, maybe it wouldn’t make sense to keep him, for the right deal.

I really fucking hope I’m wrong. Fuck this.

-Joey B.

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