Joey B’s Tuesday Morning Grab Bag

Tuesdays suck more than Mondays because they’re a blunt reminder that the work week continues. That’s why I do these.

-The Pats won a bizarro world version of that Rams-Titans game of yore where Kevin Dyson was tackled at the 1 to stop a possible Music City Miracle. I think the low-key story  of that game, however, is how despite this season starting off slow, it felt like an old school, “nothing to worry about” Pats game. I don’t think we have had that feeling, unless you’re just an asshole, for a few years now. Even the last two Super Bowl years. But we all remember the days of prime Brady when even if we were down 3 TDs we’d kind of shrug, thinking we’d pull it off anyway. And you know what? 77% of the time we would have been right. That Bears game felt like that. A lot of running by Trubisky. Some lackadaisical play-calling by the Pats. Then that ridiculous hail mary. I never doubted the “W” for one second.

-Going to write a full review later but I saw “Halloween” this weekend and you should too. Lots of fun.

-Before Lewis-Cormier was supposed to headline UFC 230, The UFC trotted out Valentina Schevchenko against little-know TUF alumnus Sijara Eubanks. Well, the internet absolutely DEMOLISHED that idea so the UFC made Lewis-Cormier and also matched Schevchenko up against a more known quantity, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, at a later date. Eubanks came out yesterday and said she screamed at Dana White about. When you are a 3-2 fighter and Dana White has a full on fan mutiny on his hands because he put you on a card, maybe you should just shut the fuck up and win a couple? Especially when you know you were a desperation move to begin with?

-STOKED for this world series. I actually like the Dodgers matchup better than the Brewers. Overall it will be interesting to see how Cora handles the staff as well as the JD Martinez conundrum. Mookie at 2nd I guess? Who knows. It is going to be a fun one, especially for this #baseball guy.

-Random music suggestion of the day: If you are a hip hop head in general or need some good “nod your head” music for the work day, check out Del the Funky Homosapien.

-I have tickets to Tom Segura in April and you don’t.


Keep it real homies,



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