BossLogic Swoops in With a Moving Tribute To Stan Lee

I’m late to the parade on this, I know. I’m also notably not the biggest fan of the comic book movies, although I’ve enjoyed “Deadpool”, the first couple Spider-Man movies, etc. Either way, Stan Lee clearly made a huge difference in pop culture as a whole. I mean, even if you don’t like what he directly created, you like Kevin Smith movies right?

As for BossLogic, he is an indy artist who has become very well known for making his own version of UFC PPV/fight posters. His are so preferred by the fans to the ones the UFC come up with on their own that I believe they’ve started using his creations. Anyway, see below. Some day, hopefully in the very, very distant future, someone is going to do something like this for J.K Rowling and I’m going to bawl my eyes for 2 weeks. Note: I can’t fucking find Spider-Man, who I most associate Stan Lee with (Internet: O YOU FUCKIN LOSER POSER ASSHOLE SPIDERMAN? WHAT ABOUT….), if you see him let the kid know?

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