REAL TALK: Jason McCourty Has Been an Absolute STUD for the Patriots This Year

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If you’ve been following our coverage of the Pats all year long, you’re probably aware that Jason McCourty has been playing extremely well this season – but even I didn’t realize just how dominant he’s been.

Check this out from Rotoworld’s Evan Silva:

Basically, he is the seventh-ranked corner in the league this season, according to the most respected football ranking’s website on the planet. Yeah, he’s been that good.

After acquiring him for pennies this offseason from Cleveland, many weren’t even sure if he’d make the final roster after a slow start this summer. Seriously, though, people were talking about him being on the roster bubble all the way up until final cuts at the end of August.

Alas, the 31-year-old survived, not only making the team but pretty much outshining everyone, including his twin brother, in the Patriots secondary this season. Along with Stephon Gilmore, McCourty has been helping the Pats D steadily improve as the season has worn on; the team’s defense currently sits at No. 22 overall, with the pass D coming in at No. 24.

McCourty is due to become a free agent at season’s end, and he may have already outpriced himself a bit too high for the Pats liking with his play this year. But if the team can work at a deal to lock him up, perhaps even sooner than this offseason, it’d be a win for both sides. He seems to be rejuvenated playing with his brother Devin, who is signed through next season; he does all the little things that Bill loves from his players; and he’s a great presence in the locker room, serving as a great role model for the talented group of young guys the Pats currently have at the position.

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Come on, Bill! Let’s keep the Double Trouble going in Foxborough.

Jason McCourty has easily been one of the Pats’ best acquisitions over the past few seasons, especially at a position which they’ve typically struggled to find talent. Bill & Co. deserve a lot of credit for going out and getting him this past March.

Just wanted to make sure I gave some shine to a guy who really deserves it this year. Hats off to you, J-Mac. Keep it up!

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