There is Currently a War Brewing on Twitter Over Who is the King of R&B, Possibly Past and Present

First things first, I say “brewing” because so far there has been some pretty heated arguments, but I wouldn’t say this train has quite left the station yet, particularly as twitter goes. No one has been doxxed or swatted, to my knowledge, and no ones families have been threatened, again to my knowledge. So this is not a full-blown twitter war yet. In a number of words, Franz Ferdinand is yet to be assassinated, setting this whole thing off.

It should also be stated that due to my “no research” policy I am not sure how this started. The first item I saw of it was that somebody claimed R.Kelly was the King of R&B, a possibly accurate claim despite him being a despicable human being, and another user countering with an absolutely preposterous contender who I now forget. It wasn’t quite Omarion, but it was pretty close. That was really what got the pot simmering, that our second entrant to the conversation was so far off that this demanded a squabble.

Possibly the most important part of this entire debate is the long list of “Kings of R&B”. I don’t know a TON about how monarchies work beyond a high school, and small bit of college, history education, as well as a fanhood of “Game of Thrones” and to a much, much “there is nothing else the fuck on” extent, “The Tudors”. With that said I, being an intellectual, know that “mono”, in either Latin, Greek, or possibly some sort of Sumerian, means “one”. There can only be one king. So the fact that people are tweeting out lists of “Kings of R&B” is sort of contradictory.

The list themselves are only a bit intriguing. I was surprised how many people had Trey Songz. He makes bangers and definitely some of the top baby making music of our era, but didn’t know people considered him a legit R&B guy. Bruno Mars is nonsense, as he falls into the “Uptown Funk” genre. Also the Weekend is just weirdass (but good) music, dk if thats R&B. I know people like to show they are as accepting as entirely possibly but sorry, Frank Ocean is trash, or at least not the king of R&B. I have no problem with the guy, but I think people are throwing in Robin Thicke’s name just because they want to see the world burn.

So ya, twitter is soon to be ablaze with arguments regarding the modern R&B Congress (really you can’t call them all Kings,  fuck off). So place your bets for when this becomes a full scale riot and then gets taken offline altogether. Blood in the streets because of some sick beats (o snap).

-Joe B


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