Is Michael Vick Having the 2004 Madden Cover as His IG Pic the Biggest Flex of All Time?

Michael Vick in Madden 2004 is the most dominant character in video game history. He was more dominant than Bo Jackson in TECMO, more dominant than Mike Tyson in Punch-Out, I would even argue he was more dominant than the Water Temple. Oddjob from 007? Kick rocks.

Just look at the dude’s stats from that year’s Madden:

  • Overall – 95
  • Speed – 95
  • Agility – 95
  • Acceleration – 94
  • Awareness – 80
  • Throw Power – 97
  • Throw Accuracy – 84

Absolutely outrageous, good luck stopping that. I know my brother and I smashed many a PS2 clickers trying to contain No. 7. So for Mike Vick to have that Madden cover from FOURTEEN years ago as his Instagram profile pic to this day is the ultimate flex. Just has to remind people that he was absolutely unstoppable and the GOAT video game character. If only he could have sat down and actually studied film and not murdered dogs like a complete sociopath scumbag then he could have been the greatest of all time in real life too.

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