Taking a Look at the 2018 NFL All-Pro Teams











-The first thing I want to point out is apparently there is now a “flex” position in All-Pro teams which is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. Fantasy Football just owning real estate in the NFL’s head. I actually giggled a bit, especially when you consider the fact that Tyreek Hill is for sure a WR and Christian McCaffrey is most definitely a RB

-A paltry 2 New England Patriots made this list. Stephon Gilmore made the first team while Cordarrelle Patterson made the second as a KR (aka 2nd Flex) (kidding). I’m not sure what our record is in our years of greatness but I highly doubt it’s actually much more than two so maybe it isn’t that big of a deal. I think Shaq Mason got stiffed a bit but the Patriots OL brand is to be shitty, so I think he might of got the shaft due to reputation which sucks but happens.*

-At my a count, truly PREPOSTEROUS SIX rookies made All-Pro status. What a stacked fucking draft class. Remember when everyone ripped the Colts for taking Quenton Nelson at 6? Who is laughing now? But wait, want to really get nuts? An additional FIVE All Pros are from the 17′ class are on here. 11 All-Pros from the last two drafts. Sheesh.

-In regards to the above, Leighton Vander Esch also deserves a shout out. For most people he was “fucking who?” when he got selected and only collected 140 tackles on the year. Never found the QB but that is probably because he was too busy terrorizing the second level.

-Both Kelce brothers made First Team so that family is talentless.

-Cleveland Guard Joel Bitonio, long considered one of the good guys in the league, a worker through and through who sticks by his perennially shitty team a la his former linemate, Joe Thomas, made his first All-Pro team so kudos there.

-I had no idea JJ Watt had such a monster year. It makes me want to revisit my comment on the Pats and demand Trent Brown make this list off his game against Watt alone.*

-Also props to Julio Jones on finding this list a lot quicker than he found the end zone.

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