The Indianapolis Colts Have a 1-0 Banner Hanging and I Can’t Stop Laughing

This is the saddest banner I’ve ever seen since the last time the Colts hung a depressing loser flag in the form of AFC Finalist banners.

And just a reminder that yes these are real and the Colts have in fact been hanging these for a long time.

But hey when it’s the first time you’ve made the playoffs since the 2014 season when you got SMOKED by the Patriots, then you have to take what you can get. And right now a 1-0 in the playoffs banner is the best it gets in Indianapolis.

It will never get old dumping on the Colts because of all the fun we had dismantling them in the playoffs (except for the 2006 meltdown), the pumped in crowd noise, the owner’s fondness for driving around with drugs and cash, and of course being the rats behind Deflategate. Oh and don’t forget, Colt and Griff!

I try not to be too much of an arrogant Patriots fan, but this is just sad. Have some self respect guys. I know Lucas Oil Stadium is no Gillette, which literally had to be redesigned after the Patriots Super Bowl win over the Falcons because they had TOO many banners.



It’s good to be a Patriots fan, but I would think a normal fan would at least settle for not hanging participation trophies to start.

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