Enes Kanter is My Kind of Guy, Eats Seven Cheeseburgers On His Cheat Day, Leaves Practice with Illness the Next Day

Yahoo – New York Knicks center Enes Kanter is both a large man and an athlete. In order to keep himself in playing shape, Kanter requires more carbs than a normal person could dream up. Normally, his diet likely consists of healthy items. Lean proteins like chicken and starches like potatoes. Occasionally, though, he indulges himself in a cheat day.

Wednesday just so happened to be one of those days for Kanter. The 26-year-old made sure to show off his spread on Twitter. It was excessive. Kanter’s binging session doesn’t come with a happy ending, however. A day after eating all that food, Kanter left Knicks practice due to an illness, according to Newsday’s Steve Popper.

My dude Enes Kanter can EAT and he knows how to do a cheat day right. Three TRIPLE patty burgers with eggs on top, and then four more burgers with a tray full of fries on the side.

When you have a cheat day you want to eat so much greasy, fatty food that you are straight up sick the following day so you never want to eat unhealthy as long as you live. Well that is exactly what happened to Kanter. He literally made himself physically ill. Guy will probably eat like a monk for the next year. Savvy veteran.

Enes Kanter probably knows all about the Cheeseburger Picnic.

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