Will The Mass. Pike Overhaul in Allston Lead Red to Finally Have a Mental Breakdown?

Boston.comAfter years of debate, state transportation officials Thursday announced the final design on the biggest highway project in Boston in a generation: rebuilding the Massachusetts Turnpike at ground level in Allston and elevating a section of Soldiers Field Road along the Charles River onto a new viaduct above the highway.

I think one of the cooler daily blogs (I think it is the only daily blog) that we put out here at The 300s is Red’s #RushHourRap blog. It’s always sweet to learn about some old school hip hop you don’t know about.

What you may not have gathered from that blog is that the reason Red has a knack for musical discoveries is that he spends half of his waking life stuck dead in traffic commuting to and from work, surfing satellite radio for anything that will entertain him enough to keep his finger off the detonator of a suicide vest. It is the brutal, tedious way so many of us go through our Corporate American life. It is especially draining in the avant garde design of the Boston commute infrastructure. It is the bottleneck of the rat race.

And now, the state is sure going to make it worse. Not only are they going to conduct construction in around the areas Red has to navigate Monday through Friday, but Massachusetts has a rich history of completely fucking these kinds of problems up. So not only we staring down the barrel of typical construction traffic, we are looking at a full fledged clusterfuck of heavy equipment, detail cops, and broken dreams that will for sure go about 100x over budget, which currently stands at $1.1 billion.

So is this it? Is this the “improvement” that finally sends our Founder and EIC over the edge? Is he going to be found Kony 2012’ng down Storrow Drive after having moved 100 feet in three hours? I hope not, but I won’t hold my breath.

T’s and P’s old friend, T’s and Ps.

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