Patriots Chargers Halftime Beatdown Report

First half of the Patriots Chargers game in one gif:

It took less than 30 minutes for the Patriots to completely break the will of the Chargers and it is glorious. The boys all had the Pats winning, but everyone had the game within a touchdown.

The week off has done the Patriots good as they came out of the gates flying. I was a little concerned the Pats may be overthinking it after they opted to receive rather than defer like they normally do. But, they came out with a 14 play drive that took up more than 7 minutes and punched it in with Sony Michel to get the early lead.

After Stephon Gilmore got his lunch money stolen by Keenan Allen on the following drive to tie the game 7-7, the Pats settled down. Then they started putting the screws to the Chargers.

Philip Rivers has been non stop bitching to the refs living up to his cry baby reputation that I honestly had almost forgotten about.

The Chargers put themselves in a hole that would take a legendary comeback to dig themselves out after FUMBLING a punt, allowing the Pats to score yet again.

Game, blouses.

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