How Do Fans Expect to Have Any Obscure Throwback Jerseys If They Keep Burning Them?

Listen I totally get why Cavs fans burned their jerseys the first time LeBron left Cleveland. Just an absolute tone-deaf, cruel, gut punch of a move from a homegrown player. But for fans burning jerseys of guys like Kristaps Porzingis, who has played a grand total of 186 games in New York, is just short sighted. You know what some of my favorite belongings are? Obscure sports jerseys. Whether it’s the bright red Priest Holmes Chiefs jersey I got in AJ Wright or the JR Redmond Patriots jersey or the Sergei Samsonov Bruins jersey I own; I wouldn’t have had those if I burned them every time a guy changed teams.

So keep your lighters in your pockets fellas, you’ll thank yourself when you’re rocking a Porzingis jersey by the pool at a bachelor party in Vegas 10 years from now and someone asks how much you paid for it on Mitchell and Ness.

Vintage is priceless.

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