Tomorrows. The. Day. The 300s Podcast LIVE….Oh and the Super Bowl Too

I know you’ve all been waiting months and months for this. The Patriots. The Rams. Tom Brady. Jared Goff. Bill Belichick. Sean McVay. Red. Big Z. Mattes. Joey B. The 300s Podcast LIVE on Super Bowl Sunday might be the most ambitious crossover event in entertainment history. Come stop by Oak Square Liquors in Brighton from 1-3 pm to see the boys chopping it up, make your predictions, and win some free stuff. Or if you’ll already be glued to your couch, no worries because you can catch us on Facebook LIVE as well.

So keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the updates and behind the scenes of The 300s Podcast live event!

PS – Rumor has it the person that predicts the final score of the game will even win a 30 rack (or just a gift card if thats frowned upon by the ABC).

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