Now I’m No Expert, But I Think This Commercial Is Pro Smoking?

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 12.48.59 PM

So i’m sitting here minding my own business when this ad comes on the television out of the blue. Now, as someone who has fought a losing battle against soda my entire life, this was laugh out loud funny to me. I fully expected to see this ad was brought to us by Phillip Morris or whatever company makes Black & Milds, only to see at the end it’s from THE STATE OF NEW YORK. How incredibly irresponsible is this? I might as well go out and buy the neighborhood kids some smokes to keep them off the sugar. Forget Marlboro, it’s Mountain Dew that should have a warning label. Here’s a tip, moderation. Have a glass of water once in a while. Wild times we live in. I will 100% be having a tall glass of Pepsi this Sunday now during the big game. Oh, and as the one blogger for The 300s that’s not from Boston, GO RAMS!

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