If Joe Flacco is Elite He’ll Have to Prove It in Denver

Not going to add a lot but WOW. That is a huge one. A Super Bowl MVP traded to a team that seems to be a QB away, among a couple of other parts.

First off this has to SUCK for Vance Joseph, who just got canned by the Broncos. Flacco may be what he is at this point, but I’m sure he would have preferred a mobile guy with a cannon for an arm over Case fucking Keenum.

Second, you have to imagine Baltimore is now going to stock up on weapons to surround Lamar Jackson now that he has been given the keys. He was shaky at best to end this season, to a degree the team’s fault and he needs some toys at his disposal to get his confidence back.

Lastly, you have to imagine this is going to play directly into John Elway’s future. He has not done so hot overall in Denver, especially since the QB With The Large Forehead left, so this might be his last chance at retribution.

Woooo ee. The NFL does not sleep folks.

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