The Top 10 of The 300s Current Big-ish Board

I’m back. The Super Bowl was emotionally draining and I’ve been sick as a damn dog since Thursday so I have not put pen to paper in a couple of weeks. Before all of that I mentioned getting a regular blog going to discuss the NFL draft so today I’ll discuss what I’m going to call our Big-ish board (to be explained later). Between now and Monday I’ll get up our first Mock Draft, to be updated probably bi-weekly as time progresses.

So what is this Big-ish Board you ask? Well, a typical “Big Board” is a given sources list of players ranked by pure talent and ability and what they should able to deliver on the football field, plain and simple. While that is all fine and good, it rarely is the order these players are chosen, due to things like team needs, etc.

So I am going to keep up a Top Ten Big-ish Board of the players I think are actually going to go in the Top Ten/where their value lies, regardless of where they stand in terms of overall talent.

So without further ado, the first edition of the 300s’s Big-ish Board.

1.) Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
Jones has just about solidified himself as the #1 QB in this year’s so-so class. In a few weeks or so I’ll probably be talked into changing this into Kyler Murray but for now it’s the Dukie.

2.) Quinnen WIlliams, DT, Alabama
Williams, who lost to Clemson in the National Title game because his coach is an overrated jackass, is simply a savage. He’s been basically a taller Aaron Donald in college, racking up 8 sacks and 19.5 TFL this past year alone.

3.) Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State
The younger brother of the Somewhere Charger’s Joey Bosa, there are scouts who say Nick is better. In only twoish games this year, he totaled 14 tackles and two sacks. I guess he’s ok.

4.) Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida
As long as team keep picking 6,000 pash rushers in the first couple rounds they’ll also be picking guys to stop them. Taylor is a moose of a Tackle (6’5 340lbs) who could probably play either side of the line.

5.) Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
Not only has Ed Oliver been productive as hell, which believe it not is underrated sometimes, but he is jussssst a bit unhinged. I like that in my pass rushers. He is a bit undersized (he’ll probably come in around 6’2 280lbs) but there is a D, probably a 3-4, in the NFL that has a place for Ed Oliver.

6.) Josh Allen, LB Kentucky
Allen’s 2018 sat line reads like a created player’s in Madden. 88 tackles. 17 sacks (21.5 TFL). 5 forced fumbles. 4 passes defended. More often than not a pass rusher, he keeps improving in coverage as well. I love Allen and the only reason he isn’t higher in my rankings is for some reason I just don’t read about teams salivating over him as much as one would think. Could be that Kentucky is not a powerhouse. Neither was Buffalo or Troy.

7.) Devin White, LB, West Virginia
White brought down 123 ball carriers this year which is absurd for the college game. I feel like having a sideline to sideline guy to just make plays has come back in recent days, which makes White quite an appetizing pick.

8.) Rashan Gary, DT, Michigan
My rule with pass rushers in the draft, if not every position, is productivity over anything. If you go too much with potential you end up drafting guys named Barkevious Mingo in the top ten who bust out and then you realize they never had more than 4 or so sacks. Gary has never had more 6, which isn’t too bad, but needs to urn up his motor in the pros.

9.) Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma
Another blocker to defend against the slew of guys trying to politely poke the QB. Ford has been described as elite athletically and just a natural lineman. This one came down to him or DeAndre Baker, CB out of Georgia but Ford edged him out.

10.) A.J Brown, WR, Ole Miss
I already hate this pick but here we are. I just can’t see a top ten this year without a WR picked and Brown is the best of the bunch. He has good size (6’1 225lbs) to go with a lot of YAC potential for someone looking for a brawny receiver.

So that’s it for the 1.0 folks. Hate me in the comments below.

-Joey B

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