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I’m Having Impure Thoughts About These Pics of Mookie Betts in the Gym

What do you do after you win the MVP? You get back in the damn gym and keep grinding. I love it. Mookie is listed at 5’9″ so he’s not a big guy to begin with and especially wearing baggy baseball jerseys every day it goes unnoticed, but dude is low key YOKED.

A lot of people probably still think of him as the scrawny guy he was down at Pawtucket,

Not the Adonis you see before you today.

Getting a little flustered if we’re being honest.

This is exactly what you want to see out of your best player though. Not resting on his laurels and falling back into the trappings of a professional bowler lifestyle. Nope, dude is getting after it because he wants to be the best Red Sox highest paid player of all time.

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