The 300s Got Its First Death Threat…Over My Review of the Buffalo Bills Stadium?

Whats that saying? They don’t boo nobodies? Well thats how I’m going to take this one. YouTube commenter BuffaloMan can be the Newman to my Jerry.

I actually gave a pretty solid review of the Bills’ New Era Field, which you can see right here.

Had a great time watching the game, sight lines were excellent, stadium was intimate, fans were into it, overall a good experience.

I even met Buffalo’s prodigal son, William Fichtner!

The rest of Buffalo though?

I stopped by the Lids headquarters and I got buffalo wings from the place that invented them and that was pretty much all there was to do. Those are the facts BuffaloMan. Plus threatening my safety for joking about worrying about my safety in Buffalo is a bit ironic no? Dude has put my brain into a spin cycle. Touche, BuffaloMan, touche.

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