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The 300s Celebrates National Chicken Wing Day

It’s National Chicken Wing Day and we’re celebrating the holiday here at The 300s. If you’re celebrating the holiday today, too, here are some topics of debate that may come up at your get together, and my take on each … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell Says the Buffalo Bills Need A New Stadium, I Say He’s Crazy

Pro Football Talk – While at Jim Kelly’s annual golf tournament in 2016, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he felt the Bills need a new stadium in order to remain in Buffalo “on a successful basis.” Goodell is back … Continue reading

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With Ryan Fitzpatrick Joining His Third AFC East Team, I Have Found the Perfect Group Halloween Costume

I remember seeing this idea a few years back when Jaromir Jagr was playing for the Bruins en route to finishing his NHL career having played for 9 teams over 24 years. Well I would say we’ve officially reached that … Continue reading

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We Were THIS Close to Getting JP “Just Perfect” Losman Back in Our Lives

Former Bills’ QB JP Losman, now a 38-year-old offensive coach at Clemson, threw the ball to WRs/DBs so well at the school’s Pro Day today, that an NFL team actually asked him if he had any interest in coming back … Continue reading

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The 300s Got Its First Death Threat…Over My Review of the Buffalo Bills Stadium?

Whats that saying? They don’t boo nobodies? Well thats how I’m going to take this one. YouTube commenter BuffaloMan can be the Newman to my Jerry. I actually gave a pretty solid review of the Bills’ New Era Field, which … Continue reading

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The Patriots Back Door Their Way Into the No. 2 Seed and a First Round Bye!

This is why you play the game people! Are the Bills and the Jets a mere formality for the Patriots to close out the season? I hope. Of course. But the Patriots needed some outside help for the first time … Continue reading

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Patriots Bills Week 16 Preview, Odds, and Storylines

So these last two Sundays have been really disheartening. (And now Josh Gordon is gone, too! Let’s just keep piling it on!) After a shocking loss in Miami and then a shameful defeat in Pittsburgh, the Patriots (9-5) are now … Continue reading

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