We Were THIS Close to Getting JP “Just Perfect” Losman Back in Our Lives

Old quarterbacks are hot in the streets right now thanks to Tom Brady winning an MVP at 40 years old and another Super Bowl at 41. It turns out that an anonymous team was trying to pry JP “Just Perfect” Losman out of the cold grips of retirement at 38-years-old because he looked good throwing the ball in gym shorts at a college Pro Day. And we wonder why some teams are just never good? The guy literally hasn’t played in EIGHT years. Lets take a stroll through memory lane shall we?

The 22nd overall pick in 2004 never threw 20 touchdowns in a season, in fact he only threw double digit touchdowns once in his seven year career. Not good.

It’s really impressive that our resident Bills fan Papa Giorgio hasn’t just sworn off the sport all together.

Never forget the greatness of JP Losman, even if a team couldn’t convince him to come out of a retirement thats lasted longer than his initial career.

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