Tom Brady Apparently Almost Broke His Shoulder Skiing

As a completely objective observer this is a funny video. Tom Brady has always had a pretty dry sense of humor that has helped him crush his hosting gig on SNL way back when as well as any commercial he’s ever done. But I am not an objective observer, I am a die hard Patriots fan and a Tom Brady stan. Tom says himself that this video is from two years ago, but it still makes me nauseous. Is this what parents feel like? Just always nervous your kid’s going to kill himself doing something stupid? Brady legit goes ass over end HITTING A SKI JUMP!

Dudes get hurt and wreck their careers doing way less all the time. Christ the Curse of the Bambino and the Red Sox Yankees rivalry changed forever because Aaron Boone tore his knee playing pickup basketball, which led to the A-Rod trade.

So would I prefer Tom didn’t try out for the X-Games in the offseason? Sure. But it’s that crazy competitive spirit that makes him great so I guess I’ll just sit up all night worrying about Tom until he gets home in one piece.

“Way bigger hill. Way more speed” is an A+ line though.

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