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The Consistency in Which Tom Brady Makes the AFC Championship Game is Unparalleled in the Most Literal Sense of the Word

@jerrythornton1 hey old balls watch this espn clip pic.twitter.com/helwQMhHzi — JC (@TB12PB37) January 14, 2019 To recap and present optically so that this can be easily digested: Rate Category                                                                                 Percentage -Tom Brady making the AFC Championship game                        76.5% -NFL QB … Continue reading

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#RushHourRap – 50 Cent – Many Men

Tom Brady and I must have a mental connection because on Saturday night I went deep down the rabbit hole of 2000’s rap and got into a debate (at a 30th birthday party because I’m washed) about how Get Rich … Continue reading

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Buy or Sell: Tom Brady’s Plans to “Not only Play Next Year, but Beyond That”

As he does every week, Tom Brady spoke with his buddy Jim Gray of Westwood One on Monday – which also just so happened to be Christmas Eve – and gave Patriots fans what many of them may blindly believe … Continue reading

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What I Learned from the Tom Brady Tom vs Time Epilogue

To be honest, not much. When news of this Tom vs Time epilogue dropped out of the clouds I was a little nervous. People were theorizing that he might use it as an opportunity to announce his retirement. What it … Continue reading

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The 300s Podcast: Patriots Season Preview – Are We Gonna Be Okay?

Mattes joins The 300s Podcast as the boys break down the Patriots storylines to watch in 2018, MVPs, Win/Loss Predictions, and Red details the time they *allegedly* bought Pats jerseys off the back of a truck in college. -Offensive/Defensive MVP? … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Tom Brady Announces New Episode of Tom vs Time for Tomorrow at Noon

Breathe, just breathe. Tom Brady just announced on Facebook that he is dropping a new episode of Tom vs Time from the clouds tomorrow at noon. Why is he doing this? I feel like Ari Gold when Terrance came to … Continue reading

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Did Tom Brady Get the TB12 Method from Entourage?

I recently signed up for Amazon Prime and started binge watching Entourage from the beginning again. That’s the way to go with Entourage. It’s not Seinfeld, you can’t drop in for one random episode here or there thanks to some … Continue reading

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