Colin Cowherd Thinks Tom Brady is 98% Staying With the Patriots

“This is just Tom being mad at his wife, he doesn’t want a divorce…his heart is not into it.”

People either love or hate Colin Cowherd and I am part of the former as I think Cowherd is one of the best sports talk guys in the country. I used to listen to him when I was living in NY on ESPN Radio driving up and down the Saw Mill River Parkway every day. I don’t know if Cowherd has any particular sources on the matter, in fact Cowherd seems like a guy who doesn’t want any inside info because he’d rather just argue his points. Maybe it’s just because I’m an uneasy Patriots fan, but Cowherd makes some great points about Brady here and why he doesn’t think TB12 is going anywhere.

Now if they could just get that contract resolved before the poison pill of a contract implodes on March 18th that’d be great…

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