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Patriots “System” Strikes Again; Is it Time to Call Old Friend Brandon LaFell?

It seems like every few years the Patriots are desperately “thin” at wide receiver and Brady is forced to make something out of a whole lot of nothing. Brady built the early part of his career off of solid-but-unspectacular guys … Continue reading

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Should the Patriots Sign Dez Bryant?

Well, would you look at that? For the second straight day, we’re doing a story on a former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, who, although freakishly talented, is also an extremely volatile and contentious diva that oftentimes forces himself out of … Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson, a 32 Year Old RB Coming Off Knee Surgery, is Shockingly Still a Free Agent

Yahoo Sports – Adrian Peterson is still waiting. As incomprehensible as it seemed only a few weeks ago, one of the greatest running backs in NFL history is still waiting for significant pursuit one full week into free agency. Largely … Continue reading

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