A 300s Editorial: A Guy With One Functioning Leg is Making $22 Million Over the Next 9 Months So Can Student Debt Just Be F***** Forgiven Now?

I saw this tweet and it immediately caught my eye. For a few reasons. And my thoughts processed in the following order, which I will elaborate on forthwith:

1.)Earlenstance Thomas IV, Professional Football Safety, has one functioning leg as opposed to the preferred two.
2.)Said Professional Football Safety will now be making $22million over the next nine months as part of a new contract. He’ll earn this with the expectation of him playing pro football, which again usually requires both legs.
3.)$22million, in turn, seems like a bit much. One might use the word extravagant.
4.)I’m usually about as “capitalist” as it comes.
5.)Everyone I know has student debt though ::shrug emoji/symbol combo::
6.)Most of those that aggregate to form that “everyone” is fairly intelligent and works a decent job, that requires really only a limb or two, that pays ok as things go.
6.)There is $1.5 TRILLION of student loan debt in the USA, to be not quite exact. This is despite the fact that most everyone that signed up for it now has a decent job that pays ok, as things go.
7.)Maybe if there are people and organizations who can pay $22million to a guy with one functional leg although he needs both to render services as contracted, our economy is in good enough shape to forgive the mountain of student debt on top of people that get paid a lot less than $22million despite having all required extremities.

That’s it^. That was my exact thought process. That there is no fucking way Earl Thomas’ leg works right now or ever will the same again after what I saw happened to it and yet the Ravens just gave him Will Smith Movie Money over Baby Incubation Time. Meanwhile. the first few years out of school we had to pregame to the point of mild retardation because a full 3-4 hours at the bar meant either you were paying the rent or eating. Motherfuckers were crying for dinner.

Again, I’m normally an “earn it” and a “no one gives it to you”, you have to take it” kinda guy BUT THIS MAKES NO SENSE. HE HAS ONE LEG AND IS BEING PAID TO PLAY IN THE NFL. Can we just this once, just because, let us all go free. In the VERY LEAST we can completely weed out all the cheap ass friends that use their loans as excuses not to do stuff. Sorry Jeremy, but those don’t exist anymore. You’re just a buzzkill.

-Joey B

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