Apparently Gronk is Training in Miami With Some Hot Yoga Classes

I don’t know what this means. I don’t know if Gronk’s doing Yoga to limber himself up for the upcoming season (isn’t that what TB12 was for?) or if he’s fading off into the sunset to study yoga and open the first Bro Yoga (Broga) studio in retirement?

Yoga is quickly becoming one of the go to workouts for athletes as recovery becomes just as important as working out itself. I mean we’ve heard about receivers taking ballroom dancing lessons just to improve their footwork so hot yoga classes are pretty normal. I’ve done yoga a couple times and it’s definitely a great way to stretch out and keep your spine from crumbling into dust after staring at a screen and sitting in a chair for 40 goddamn hours a week. Even Nike is getting in on it as they just launched a new Yoga-centric line of workout clothes, whatever the hell that means. Either way, yoga is hot in the streets right now. What that means for the future of one Rob Gronkowski, Tight End of the New England Patriots, remains to be seen but it would be nice if Gronk clued us all in sooner than later.

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