Cue the Music: Ben Watson Intends to Come Out of Retirement, Visiting The Patriots

Let me start with this:

And add this:



The Patriots currently have gaps at tight end. They’re best efforts to fill them this off-season have come in the form of drafting Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and signing UDFA Andrew Beck. We also jettisoned the remaining Hollister brother to the Seahawks for a few kicking tees. The bottom line is I don’t think a dynamic Tight End game is where the Pats O is going to make its money this season. And that’s fine, no team changes strategy based on personnel better than we do. 3-4, 4-3, run to set up pass, pass to set up run, who cares. 12-4 and a trip to the AFC Title Game.

So why not add an excellent locker room presence and trusted vet in our 2004 1st rounder Benjamin Watson?  I mean for what it’s worth his last two seasons he’s caught 400/2 and 522/4. Those are not terrible numbers for a 2nd or 3rd option tight end. He also can block and mentor Beck so the Pats can see what if anything we can get out of him.

In the end, Big Ben could be a camp body we cut. But I still love bringing him back to possibly give him his swan song. Hopefully he signs on.

-Joey B.

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