Tom Brady Just Dunked on Peyton Manning Without Even Trying

Tom Brady is a nice guy by all accounts, psychotically competitive, but a really nice guy. Its almost hard to believe because you just expect these all-time great athletes to just be dickheads whether its Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. So without even meaning to do so Tom Brady just dunked on Peyton Manning here.

Despite the bitter rivalries that the Patriots have had over the years with the Colts and the Broncos, despite all the heartache each guy has delivered to the other’s team, despite all that they’re still friends! Tom Brady probably genuinely meant this as a kind gesture too. Except when I see that picture all I can think of is how Tom Brady just came off his 6th Super Bowl championship and is about to begin the hunt for No. 7 while Peyton Manning is making mildly amusing car insurance commercials for a living.

For a guy that was once crowned the greatest of all time in Peyton Manning this has got to sting. To watch your greatest rival not only pass you, but to stomp on your throat, rip that title right out of your hands, and then continue to tack on MVPs and Super Bowl victories well into his 40s.

Tom Brady: even when he’s trying to be nice he’s smoking people.

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