Celtics May Not Have Drafted 7’2″ Bol Bol, But They DID Sign 7’6″ Tacko Fall

ESPN – Tacko Fall, a 7-foot-6 center from UCF, will sign an Exhibit 10 contract with the Boston Celtics, a source told ESPN’s Jonathan Givony. Fall was not selected Thursday night during the NBA draft.

Fall averaged 10.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and shot 74 percent from the field over his four-year collegiate career. During his senior season, he posted marks of 11.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.6 blocks and hit 74.8 percent of his attempts.

Fall has attracted attention because of his size and because he held his own against Zion Williamson in UCF’s one-point loss to Duke in the NCAA tournament.

Exhibit 10 contracts, introduced in the NBA’s most recent collective bargaining agreement, are one-year deals paying the minimum salary. They also can be used for two-way contracts.

So technically the Celtics signed Tacko Fall to some phony bologna deal called an Exhibit 10 contract, which I have never even heard before this week.

“[Its] a one-year, non-guaranteed deal that allows teams to carry up to 20 players on their roster before the start of the regular season. If a player is waived before the season begins, he is then eligible for a $50,000 bonus if he joins the team’s G-League affiliate.” –

What that means is Tacko will be given a shot to play for the C’s Summer League team in Vegas and then Danny will assess if he’s worth a flyer. Unless he absolutely savages people in the summer league I would not expect to see Tacko in a uniform that has anything other than a red lobster on the front next season.

If the name Tacko Fall sounds familiar to you, and like me you aren’t a giant college basketball guy, its most likely because he made you cry watching SportsCenter over your morning cereal.

So while I would not expect much from Tacko just yet, its hard to not be intrigued by a 7’6″ center. Especially since everyone and their mother has been bitching about the Celtics’ lack of a “rim protector” for my entire adult life. No doubt, we will keep you guys updated on how he does in the summer league this season.

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  1. I’ve attended all Tacko’s home games, watched post-season (NIT in 2017 and NCAAs this March). He’s the real deal. GMs just decided not to draft centers. He’s the real deal who can help return the NBA game from its current boring small-ball, Warrior-style of 3-pt shooting and no defense. The lack of big men in the game is due to a lack of gifted giants, and not because centers aren’t valuable. Tacko can allow a coach to swarm the 3-point line because they know they’ll be no easy layups or short jumper. Nor do guards need to crash the boards for misses anymore, leaving them free to release downcourt for easy layups. Tacko’s no longer raw either. He explored the draft 2 years ago, and took seriously advice of teams he worked out with. He now has a full range of post moves, the quickest dunk ever (don’t blink), and a reliable hook. He’d be one of the strongest and most physical in the pros, yet his greatly improved footwork, technique, stamina, lateral mobility, ball handling, and court awareness now let him avoid fouls, pick and roll, play up to 34 minutes/game, drive the basket, power moves, and pass to cutters. His last two years, he’s been patrolling near the top of the key, so the NBA lane and zoning rules won’t impact him. His soft hands will let him extend his jump shot range; he just seldom needed to in college. He’s a crowd favorite for his emotional play and teamwork, yet he doesn’t lose it when faced with packed arenas or physical play.He speaks 4 languages and gives great interviews.


  2. Side bet: Tacko plays meaningful minutes for the Celtics (or someone else) this year. I saw most all Kareem’s college games from the first row back in the 60s. Johnny Wooden used to say he was a 6′-8″ player in a giant’s body. Tacko’s a freakish athlete who’d be good if he were a foot shorter. Saw him lead a break one game, and you can see his dribble drives in posted workouts. Tacko has that once in a generation ability to be overpowering or agile in the post on offense, mobile or the rock of Gibraltar (as with Zion’s driving collision where Williamson was the one who bounced back). His timing is so amazing that he catch the shots he blocks almost half the time! — not even Kareem could do that.

    Free throw stats: after his shoulder surgery 18 months ago (his only injury ever), he had no muscle memory from the line; it took him a year to master a new motion. His dunks are so quick they can’t be seen — so a hack-a-Shaq defense merely gives him a 3-pt play opportunity.

    He explored the draft in 2017, and teams he worked out with told him what to do to be NBA ready. Tacko’s a hard worker and a perfectionist. Two years later, he’s developed the stamina, lateral mobility, footwork technique, full range of post moves (including a deadly hook), and decision making reads to excel at pick and rolls and playing near the top of the key.

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