Conor McGregor in Fact Did Not Punch an Old Man

MaximNew video has surfaced that appears to show Conor McGregor punching an older man after an apparent dispute over whiskey shots at a Dublin bar.

A quick prologue: Props to me for being the first blogger here to link to Maxim, and in a relevant fashion (hah) at that!

So let’s address the point at hand: Yes, another Conor McGregor outburst that is a loss in the PR column. No, Conor McGregor did NOT punch an old man in the face.

McGregor is seen either promoting or drinking whiskey, one can assume his own Proper 12 brand.

He is seen clearly getting offended by the old man.

Then, one of two things happens depending on how many brain cells you have:
-Either Conor McGregor, noted skilled martial artist and breaker of orbital bones, threw some sort of non-upper cut punch that sort of phased said old man.
-Orrrr he shook a shot of said whiskey at the old man before throwing it in his face.

Ya, the latter happened. You can see the shaking, the motion, and Conor pulling just short of the guy’s face. The geezer barely turned, which needless to say would not be the level of consequence if Conor McGregor’s left hand made contact with his jaw. Conor’s management/crew jumped in to pull him away and other than that nothing happened. I think if a punch was thrown in a bar in Dublin there’d be more of a to do about it, no?

So TMZ is doing TMZ things. And ya, Conor was a jackass again. But maybe the next time there is a hotheaded MMA fighter doing a promo next to him at a bar, that old timer will pipe down. I’ve gotten whiskey in the eyes, it stings.

-Joey B.

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  1. I was making a video because every siungle headline Ive seen is Conor cold cocks old man…Conor sucker punches defenseless elderly man…EVEN when i typed in Conor throws whiskey shot in face of old man, the 1st and 2nd page filled with punches old man in bar…and this is the only truth article I’ve found on the 3rd page….it does indeed look like a punch, but something was “off”. I had to slow it down quite significantly to catch the single frame and a shimmer of the shot glass/liquid.


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