The Patriots Are Releasing Ben Watson

After serving his 4 game PED suspension, the Patriots opted not to activate Ben Watson before their game against the Washington R-Words this past week so that was odd. The Pats then had until 4 pm Monday to activate Watson or he would become a free agent and they opted to not activate him. Granted the Pats did pull Watson out of retirement to join the team so maybe he’s just not ready to go? This team is so thin at Tight End though I can’t imagine they wouldn’t welcome a 14-year veteran at a position of need.

Some people are speculating this could be the end, but Watson sure doesn’t sound like a guy thats ready to walk away.

By cutting Watson though the Pats save nearly $2 million in cap space so I think this means they have got to be in on a trade. Why else make the move? You’ve got three weeks until the trade deadline on Oct. 29th and the Pats were really close up against the cap already. They’ve been rumored to be in on everyone from Emmanuel Sanders (going on 6 years now) to Stefon Diggs, Trent Williams, Tyler Eifert, and even guys like AJ Green. I don’t have my calculator out, but I believe Sanders and Eifert are the only ones they could fit without having to restructure contracts so those are the only two I’m seriously looking at.

Welp, Ben Watson we hardly knew ye. Its truly the end of an era at the Tight End position in Foxborough.

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