Why Do An Open Workout When Jorge Masvidal Can Just Have Fans Spar?

This card and this fight, more specifically, really is an MMA fans wet dream. The Nose had it right when he said this is what MMA is all about. Two guys the fans just love who have awesome fighting styles just squared off in a main event to see who is, pardon the pun, badder. The UFC marketed it perfect – the Baddest Motherfucker Title, putting it in MSG, not trying to push a story line. The combatants showed the utmost respect for each other, from the moment Nate Diaz called for a fight with Masvidal to Masvidal being Diaz’s most vocal supporter during the bs USADA scandal last week. It’s all really been perfect.

And now this. Masvidal is well known as a guy who, although insanely talented in all facets of MMA, came from a background of underground, bareknuckle fighting on Kimbo Slice “undercards” in Miami. Backyards, boat yards, it didn’t matter. The guy liked to compete in the most primal of manners. So he decided, apparently, to share his experiences with his fans and let them glove up and spar each other on stage in front of the gathered masses rather than hit mitts himself. The UFC let it go, at Masvidal’s urging, for what seemed to be three or so groupings of body shot-only pugilism before breaking it up. I can only imagine the lawsuit if someone broke a rib or something so it makes sense. Still, what a sight. I cannot wait for this fucking fight.

-Joey B.

PS: Love Gamebred but #NickDiazArmy for life.

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