The NBA Just Suspended the Season Due to the Coronavirus

ESPN – The NBA announced that it has suspended its season until further notice after the completion of Wednesday night’s games after a member of the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus.

Well this is something. The most prosperous league in all of professional sports has literally stopped the season in its tracks due to coronavirus. The brutal irony is that the player that tested positive might be Rudy Gobert, who mockingly touched every microphone available when being interviewed over the last couple of days. Christ.

This is such an unprecedented occurrence it has me asking myself if I’m actually for once under-reacting. These health scare-type situations are, believe it or not, one of those things I don’t really ever get worked up about. Very much a “won’t happen to me” guy. But holy shit. If even the money grubbers at the head of the NBA are saying “maybe we could stand to lose a few million and not risk our players lives, not jk’ng” then maybe this is for real.

Now, keep in mind, the fatality rate for a fit, young person is still low. We (I’m assuming we) can beat this thing much like we’re more apt to beat the flu. But fuck me the fact that I’m even talking “probably” beating a pandemic disease is crazy.

This is definitely now going to go down as one of the wildest sports stories ever, even if it ends up being a “one time, a hundred years ago” type of tale. It’s definitely the front runner for the 2000-2099 century so far.

Wash your hands and stay safe.

-Joey B.

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