Eminem Detains Intruder at His Detroit Home

Yahoo – Eminem came face-to-face with an intruder who bypassed security at his Detroit home.

TMZ broke the story, claiming the suspect used a paving stone to smash a kitchen window and climbed inside the house. The outlet reported Eminem was sleeping and woke up when his alarm went off, only to find the suspect in his living room, so he called for security. However, a rep for the rapper disputed some of the details to XXL, saying Eminem was not asleep and did not call for security — but that he detained the man himself until police arrived…Hughes apparently didn’t attempt to steal anything, but “was said to have wanted to meet the rapper face-to-face,” per TMZ. He was booked on charges of first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of a building.

Imagine breaking into Marshall Mathers’ house? The guy thats spent the last 20 years rapping about killing his wife, his mom, and even his own fans at a concert?

Slim knows that some fans are nut cases and may want to break into his house to do God knows what. Whats even more eery though is he legitimately rapped about this exact scenario back in 2013 on the Marshall Mathers LP 2:

See, it’s sad it came to this point
Such a disappointment I had to make this appointment
To come and see ya, but I ain’t here for your empathy
I don’t need your apology or your friendship or sympathy
It’s revenge that I seek
So I sneak vengefully, and treat your bedroom window
Like I reached my full potential: I peeked
Continue to peep, still bent low, then keep
Tapping the glass lightly then start to crescendo, sneak
All the way ’round to the back porch
Man, door handles unlocked, shouldn’t be that easy to do this
You don’t plan for intruders beforehand?

TMZ actually reported that Em was asleep when the intruder broke in, but one of his reps told XXL that he wasn’t asleep and in fact detained the intruder until police arrived. I know he’s a rich, 47-year-old white man, but he’s also a maniac so what do you think was the more likely scenario?

This is hands down the worst part of being mega famous because you never know what the hell people are thinking. Maybe this was a troubled young man who just wanted to meet his idol or maybe he was a psychopath looking to slice up Slim Shady.

Glad to hear Em is fine, but I hope he fired those security guards that night like Shooter McGavin.

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