College Football

University of Buffalo RB Jaret Patterson Runs for EIGHT Touchdowns

Those are straight up Madden numbers that would cause your roommate to fire the clicker off the wall and quit in disgust. Jaret Patterson just put on a clinic and this wasn’t like Alabama beating up on some Division 2 school, these teams are pretty comparable. So for him to bust off 400+ yards and eight touchdowns is absolute banana land. I’m surprised the dude even had the stamina to finish the game after he had 36 carries including four touchdowns of 40+ yard runs. I forgot my putter head cover on the previous hole on Saturday and had to do a 100 yard wind sprint to pick it up and get back and I was smoked for the rest of the afternoon.

Although to be honest I do feel bad for Julian Edelman, who is still out with a knee injury so he probably was watching his alma mater get crushed. This is a man who’s school spirit runs so deep, to this day he still wears a Kent State shirt underneath his pads at every practice. So cheer up Jules, we’ll see you soon.

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