1.2.21 Hoop Tales: (Richaun) Holmes Alone Edition

Friday: 2-5 (-3.43 units)… WOOF

Season: 7-14 (-8.18 units)… double WOOF

Recap: We can only go up from here. Donte DiVincenzo had 11 points at the half and because the Bucks were thrashing the Bulls, he had no reason to take another shot. The Clippers looked like they were on the second end of a back-to-back and the Celtics forgot to bring their scoring prowess from the Memphis game into Detroit. Lastly, Gordon Hayward was well on his way to reaching 19, but they got the doors blown off them and the starters were pulled.

First and second Picks: Richaun Holmes O11.5 Pts (-141) and O8.5 Reb (-106) vs HOU

Fact #1: Holmes got busy in this first half of this 2-game series, posting 22 points and 13 rebounds on Christmas Eve.

Fact #2: Holmes has 20+ points in two straight contests.

Fact #3: Holmes has secured 9+ rebounds in four of five games this season.

Fact #4: The Rockets are 27th in rebounds per game.

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