What the Frork?

USA Today – The days of getting your fingers dirty while sopping up toppings with fries are over. 

McDonald’s unveiled a “uselessly useful” utensil called a “frork” Monday in a hilarious infomercial hosted by McDonald’s Chef Mike and pitchman Anthony Sullivan. The frork is essentially a fork, but with French fries. 

The frork was released as part of the rollout of McDonald’s new Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches… The frork will be available while supplies last at participating restaurants on May 5 with the purchase of a Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich.

The frork is only the fourth most outrageous thing in this infomercial. As a matter of fact, I think it’s pretty damn clever. I’m not one to waste the lettuce and sauce that falls out of my Big Mac. That’s Big Mac Salad. The frork will help me eat my Big Mac Salad in a more civilized manner.

The most outrageous parts of this infomercial are the Signature Crafted Recipe sandwiches. I’m sure they’ll be delicious, but I’ll be damned if I can think of a good reason why they need to be on the menu in the first place. Chef Mike seems like a good guy, but McDonald’s doesn’t strike me as the type of place to go to for Pico Guacamole or artisan bacon. That’s why I loved the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac – stick to your strengths and play to your base.

If I have to buy a Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich to get a frork, so be it. But the frork is definitely more useful than the sandwich.


PS – Good thing this infomercial dropped on May 1 and not April 1. Definitely would not have believed this a month ago.


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