This is It. This is How I Die. Alcoholic Mountain Dew.

If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to be Aerys Targaryen and down a bottle of Wildfire, well this stuff is for you.

For anyone that knows me you know I will die defending Mountain Dew as the greatest drink the world has ever seen. It’s delicious, green poison and it had shit tons of caffeine before Red Bull was even a thing. Hell, back in college I was so broke I used to have a giant Mountain Dew and a pack of Reese’s for dinner.

BUT, I have always been extremely cautious about what I mix my booze with. You ever drink too much of a certain type of alcohol and its ruined for you forever? That’s vodka for me. The worst part about it though is that as an 18 year old you’re mixing booze with all kinds of shit and screwdrivers were the drink of choice my freshman year for whatever reason. I still remember laying in my bunk bed hung over as all hell from a bottle of Vladimir watching the NFL Draft (when it was still on Saturday afternoons). The worst part? It ruined OJ for me. I couldn’t drink orange juice for YEARS after that.

So now theres an alcoholic Mountain Dew? I want to try it. I need to try it. But its dangerous territory. I’m gonna have to force myself to just sip it like I’m taking communion because if I black out on Mountain Dew booze and ruin the soda for myself I don’t know if I can continue on in this world.

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