Tom Brady Got Body Shamed by the Internet Yesterday and I Won’t Stand for It

Another photo of Tom Brady’s vacation on the island from LOST went viral yesterday and for all the wrong reasons. TB12 was pictured in a stunning emerald green bathing suit, but rather than compliment his sense of style, everyone on the interwebs pointed to the fact that Tom didn’t have a 6-pack.

The TB12 Method never claimed to get you shredded, it claimed to make you the best at what you do through pliability as well as impervious to sunburns. Simple stuff. Guys, its Tom Brady. When was Tom Brady ever a walking GI Joe?

Its summer vacation, we’re all imbibing one too many craft beers and an extra one or 12 hot dogs at the family BBQ. I get it. Now Tom may be indulging more on avocado ice cream, chia seeds, and maybe even a couple of strawberries, but the point remains.

So to all those who body shamed my guy Tom yesterday; for shame. If people were saying this shit about Giselle they’d have to shut down the internet for a day. I think Tom looks stunning, glowing even, as he squeezes out the last few days of summer vaca before getting back to the grind of winning another Super Bowl.

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