Did Tom Brady Get the TB12 Method from Entourage?

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I recently signed up for Amazon Prime and started binge watching Entourage from the beginning again. That’s the way to go with Entourage. It’s not Seinfeld, you can’t drop in for one random episode here or there thanks to some of the drawn out story lines. That makes it perfect to stream, but also one of the reasons why it was such a disaster in syndication.

The show hasn’t aged particularly well, either. The Contest Seinfeld episode from 1992 feels less dated than a lot of the Entourage episodes from the last decade. But that doesn’t mean Entourage was totally devoid of enlightened knowledge. I stumbled across some fitness advice from one of Vince’s girlfriends in season one that sounds awfully familiar…

Yoga? No weights? A mean stretch?

“Bulk is so 90s Johnny. It’s all about flexibility.”

Plant-based protein? The only word of the TB12 Method that Vince’s time traveling girlfriend didn’t use was “pliability.” But she came pretty damn close.

So I think now we know how Brady spent his offseasons in the mid-2000s. Watching Entourage every week just like the rest of us. When he wasn’t playing golf with the gang, that is.

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