Brighton’s Very Own New Balance Looking to Scoop Up Gordon Hayward With New Shoe Deal

YahooWhen Gordon Hayward can start meeting with sneaker companies about his next endorsement deal in August, expect New Balance to make a strong push for the All-Star, according to Nick DePaula of The Celtics forward has spent the bulk of his career playing in Nike shoes, but he has the chance to join a new brand before this upcoming season.

New Balance, which has its headquarters in Boston, partnered with the Celtics on their new practice facility recently as part of the company’s attempt to gain more traction in the basketball world. Currently, the shoe company does not have a section on its website for basketball sneakers.

Please make it a high top. Thats all I ask.

But in all seriousness this move would make perfect sense. The New Balance headquarters is a literal stone’s throw away from the Celtics brand new practice facility, which they partnered with to build. Odd move for a company without any basketball shoes right?

Hey if PUMA can get back into the NBA world then why not New Balance? Sure, PUMA may have Jay-Z leading the way, but Gordon Hayward would be a pretty good start for New Balance.

Now the real work here is in New Balance selling Gordon Hayward on them as his brand of choice in the prime of his career. I mean a tractor trailer full of cash always helps, but if I’m New Balance I’m pitching the fact that my CEO works 20 feet from where you practice every day. Phil Knight probably ain’t flying out to Brighton to take meetings.

Whatever you do just don’t give Gordon the Vinny Chase free agency pitch.

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