With Shaqiem Griffin in Seattle, Patriots Sign Their Own One-Handed Player in Corey Coleman

ProFootballTalkCorey Coleman is getting his third chance in the NFL.
The Patriots are signing Coleman, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

So for all those OBSESSING over how the Patriots are going to supplement their depleted wide receiver corps, here is your answer. The Pats have added their third former first round pick in Corey Coleman, who joins Cordarrelle Patterson and Philip Dorsett on our personal island of secondhand Lexus. He comes to Foxboro via the couch, as Coleman was inauspiciously cut in training camp this year by the Bills seemingly minutes after being traded to Buffalo by the team that drafted him, the Browns.

To address the headline, Corey Coleman has broken his right hand twice. In 2 seasons. And I am no expert in human biology nor a pro athlete, but I believe you may need a right hand to play Wide Receiver, otherwise known as catching, in the NFL. If you break your right hand twice, there is simply no fuckin way that thing still works. Corey Coleman is a one-handed wide receiver, plain and simple. Therefore, unless we plan to get him the ball via end-arounds and other “gadget plays” (coughhandoffscough) then I really am curious as to how the hell this is going to work.

In the end, I suppose my loquacious colleague was correct when he said we are better off with Coleman than Dez Bryant. The more that I think about it, I can’t remember a bigger possession receiver like Bryant really adding much to the Pat’s, aside from Brandon LaFell, who also bought ALL THE WAY IN to the Patriot way. Maybe Coleman will too. Better than buying into Buffalo or Cleveland.

-Joey B.


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