Walmart is Now Selling Bitcoin for $1….Soo What’s the Catch?

Techcrunch – Walmart is now selling bitcoin for $1. But in a new spin on the volatile and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, this digital currency is made of chocolate. Frankford bitcoins, are 1.42 ounces of milk chocolate wrapped in gold-colored foil made by Frankford Candy. They’re reminiscent of the regular old foil-wrapped milk chocolate coins of yesteryear. But of course, entirely different because they’re called bitcoin.

Walmart is now selling *chocolate* Bitcoin for $1. Chocolate being the key word here. Don’t think for a minute some dude isn’t going to throw a nutty when he thinks he found the greatest investment since 7-Minute Abs, only to realize his new fortune is melting in his pocket. People are dumb. People will 100% buy this thinking it’s real Bitcoin.

Ironically enough, its really not that much cheaper than actual Bitcoin these days. Back in the wild wild west of 2017, Papa G and I chased that wave. We both put some hard earned American dollars into Bitcoin hoping to cash in on an early investment. Welp, Bitcoin has plummeted from its heyday of about $20,000 per coin to about $6,000 per coin now. Or if you’re counting at home, about a 75% loss on my initial investment. Thats called ROI folks.

Papa G was smart enough to jump off a sinking ship, but I decided lets roll with it and maybe we’ll catch the next upswing. I’m holding out hope that I get to be George Costanza when he held his money in a secret stock and made a killing after Jerry dumped his shares too early.

Ever hear of a robot butcher?

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