LETS GOOOO! The Patriots have traded a conditional 5th round pick for Josh Gordon, which is actually cheaper than I had predicted. I will take that all day long. Also, reportedly if Josh Gordon is not active for 10 games, the Patriots will receive 7th round pick back from the Browns.

This is exactly what this team needs right now. Immense, immense talent. Sure he’s only played 11 games over the last 4 calendar years, but this is a guy that could thrive with a QB like Tom Brady throwing him the ball. Again, his best, and only, great season came in 2013 when he went 87 for 1,646 with 9 TDs. Not a lot of guys in this league that can even approach stats like that. And that was with bums like Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer throwing him the ball.

Granted the Patriots put themselves in a shit situation by trading Brandon Cooks and letting Danny Amendola walk, but hey you play the hand you’re dealt. And right now the Patriots need a stud receiver. I’ll take that chance as its the ultimate low risk, high reward type move.

Felger and the talking heads will dump on the move, despite complaining for weeks about how the Patriots were hesitant to bring in a guy over concerns of receivers “learning the offense.” It was this or Kenny Britt or Dez Bryant. Dez is three years older than Gordon with a history of foot problems. We’ve already cut Britt once. Give me Gordon. If he’s a bum or he misses practices or he just doesn’t gel with Brady, then cut him.

It’s a great move in an area of need as Belichick jumps on an opportunity after biding his time and rotating in guys like Britt, Cordarrelle Patterson, Corey Coleman, Philip Dorsett, Jordan Matthews and others in 20 moves they made this season at the position.



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