A Bunch Of Stuff Has Happened Over The Last Couple Of Days So I’m Going To Comment On All Of It Here

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-First, sad news that broke early this morning/last night, Japanese MMA legend Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 41 and only announced he was fighting the disease in late August. Kid wracked up a 17-1 record, defeating Caol Uno, Bibiano Fernandes, Genki Sudo, and Rani Yahya, among others, before retiring in 2007. He came back 2 years later not even half the fighter he once was and had mixed results, including 4 losses in the UFC. However at 5’3 and about 140 lbs naturally, Kid fought at Lightweight (155lbs) most of his career and was an absolute beast. Rest easy to a true legend of the sport.

-In other MMA news, UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley was notified of a potential out of competition PED violation stemming from a test administered on 8/5, a little over a month before his successful title defense against Darren Till on 9/8. This could be a huge blow to Woodley personally as he has fought like hell to prove he is legit. Pissing hot is not going to help his case and will only strengthen the voice of his detractors. Good thing USADA ties these situations up quickly….

-Any jackass who says Joaquin Phoenix could even sniff Heath Ledger’s jock when it comes to playing the Joker should not be allowed to produce offspring. This would be like having someone else play Daniel Plainview.

-To stick with entertainment, “Game of Thrones” took down Best Series and my motherfucking MAN Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister took down Best Supporting Actor in a very well deserved nod considering the work he has put in on that show. I remember, two or three seasons ago, some MIT kids did some formulas and IDK some shit with beakers or something and determined the three “main” characters of “Game Of Thrones” were actually Khaleesi, Arya, and believe it or not, Tyrion, and his many internal and external struggles. The greatest achievement in TV history (notice I didn’t say “best show”, relax) wouldn’t be the same without him.

-Bill Hader also won for “Barry” (which you should watch) but Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman both got the shaft for “The Sinner” (which you should realllllllly watch).

-I love the Pats’ acquisition of Josh Gordon. I’ve heard the “he hasn’t done anything in 5 years take” and am infatuated with how dumb it is. He’s still only 27, did not take any hits during his time away from the game, and has showed in the glimpses we HAVE seen him that he is probably the most physically gifted receiver in the NFL. Think about it this way: literally all he has to do to not make this a colossal mistake on New England’s part is to just not kill like, 4 people. Legit that’s it and we’ve already broken even. NOT SO HARD JOSH.

-I’m just seeing this but RIP to Marcus Smart’s mom and a big “hang in there” to Smart from us at the 300’s. Brutal loss. She raised one hell of a player.

-In news from Capitol Hill….haha nah I’m playin.


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