Phoenix Suns Unveil Uninspired City Edition Uniform

On Thursday we discussed the Minnesota Timberwolves Prince-inspired city edition uniform. It’s clear that considerable thought and effort were put into the design of that uniform. The result is a fresh look, and a clean finished product that includes just enough nods to the Minneapolis legend. It’s also clear that the Timberwolves are carefully crafting Prince theme nights for when they break out their city edition jerseys.

On the other end of the city edition spectrum is the Phoenix Suns city edition uniform. They could’ve just trotted out the Charles Barkley era uniform and every millennial sports fan would have raved about how great the Suns city edition uniform was.

Image result for charles barkley sunsInstead, the Suns city edition uniform looks like a middle school Spanish project that was hastily completed 12 hours before it was due.

I understand that they are going with “Los Suns” to pay homage to the Hispanic heritage of their community, but they couldn’t do better than just adding the Spanish word for “the” to their jerseys? The Milwaukee Brewers do heritage jerseys the best. When they hosted Cerveceros Day this past summer to honor the heritage and importance of Latin American culture to baseball, they wore jerseys that said Cerveceros. Cerveceros is literally brewer in Spanish.

Image result for cerveceros milwaukee

Why couldn’t the Suns go with “Soles?” They do realize these jerseys literally have the word “LOSS” on the front of them, right?

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