Papa Gino’s Closed 50 Locations Out of Nowhere. My Day is Ruined.

MSN Dozens of Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Sandwich shops in have been closed after the parent company of the pizza chain said Monday that it has an agreement to sell the company. Nearly 50 restaurants were closed around New England as part of the deal with Wynnchurch — a middle-market private equity investment firm…

“PGHC closed approximately 95 under-performing restaurants. The company regrets having to close these restaurants but believes focusing resources on a core of best-performing restaurants is the responsible approach,” the company said in a statement.

Now I know how Baltimore Colts fans felt when their team just closed up shop and left town in the middle of the night. HUGE Papa Gino’s guy and now the only two locations remotely near my house closed down, after the third right by my place in Brighton shut down a couple years back. Why must all my favorite things die? Is this my penance for all my sports teams being so great? I have to pay with my favorite foods? It’s just not right. This is why I have trust issues, guys.

It would seem Papa Gino’s employees were just as blindsided by the shutdown as I was.

A sign posted on the company’s Needham Street location in Newton said, “This location is now closed. Thank you for your patronage.”

“I showed up for my shift this morning to find that same sign on our door,” Kesley Sullivan, who worked at the Mansfield location, said. “I was told to reapply to other locations.”

I’m sure this is just a move made by the venture capital guys as they look to make Papas remotely profitable for the first time since the 90s, but closing down a third of your locations under cloak of darkness don’t exactly do wonders for brand equity. I hope the best fast casual pizza place of my time rises from the ashes like a Phoenix to take down the garbage that is Papa Johns and Dominos, but I have my doubts. This could be more SEARS than Toys R Us. Looks like I’ll have to find another place to waste far too much of my paycheck on each week.

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