High Schools Moving Thanksgiving Day Football Games to Wednesday Because of the Cold. Wait, What?

UPDATE: Braintree has reversed field and will now play on Thanksgiving after essentially everyone in the entire town complained.

This is where we were as of last night.

Softttt. Forget the high school kids for a second, who are unsurprisingly pretty pissed off, where am I supposed to drink my hot chocolate thats been loaded up with booze now?

Not to sound like an old man with the “back in my day” stories, but this is embarrassingly soft. We literally used to have practices where we would all get shovels and clear the field of all the snow as a workout. Hell, when I was in high school we used to have pond runs in the winter, which was when it got so cold out the lake by the high school would freeze over and we would run on it. We did that every year….until the ice cracked and a couple of us fell into the water and we all had to run for our lives to avoid a cold, watery grave. Ya know looking back maybe pond runs weren’t the best idea.

It’s not like the white walkers are coming on Thursday, a little cold never hurt anybody. Not to mention won’t it be colder on Wednesday night? At least Thanksgiving day would have the benefit of, ya know, the sun.

And the people? Ohh the people are NOT happy.

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