Bar Rafaeli Possibly Being Indicted?

Yahoo Israel’s most famous model Bar Refaeli is suspected of tax evasion and will be called into a hearing ahead of her possible indictment, authorities said Thursday.

Wesley Snipes. The guy from “Girls Gone Wild”. And now Bar Refaeli. A Sports Illustrated starlet and one of Leo’s most famous exes. Famous folks going to the clink for tax evasion is as American (Israeli) as peanut butter and jelly (whatever is popular in Israel). What is indeed shocking here, however, is the amount. And timing.

Bar Refaeli owes the Israeli government the American equivalent of $6.1 million. Hollllly moly. That’s a lot of shekels, which is apparently what Israeli currency is actually called. That is a fuckton in back taxes and an amount I can only imagine was the fault of a business manager and not like, Bar herself getting a few million dollar checks she forgot about. Although models make so much Goddam money that her getting a big piece of paper and just framing it and forgetting about it Ricky Henderson-style would not at all shock me.

The timing is also a little ridiculous. I feel like the statute of limitations on back taxes should be like, a couple years tops. It’s just such an innocuous crime and really the government’s fault. Like if a teacher doesn’t ever check homework who’s fuckin fault is that? Bar Refaeli’s indiscretions in this case date back as far as almost a decade ago. GTFOH Israel. You snooze you lose. You want those Swimsuit Edition taxes maybe lay off the West Bank ten minutes and pay attention to the East General Ledger.

So pretty soon Bar Refaeli may go from the world’s hottest deserter to the world’s hottest prisoner. Hotter even than the “hot mugshot guy” who then divorced his ride or die for some heiress flunky. Maybe her and Leo will even get back together and have what will go down as the hottest conjugal visits in History.

One can only hope.

-Joey B

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